Thoughts on Current MMORPGs

In light of the news about Zenimax Online officially announcing that they are preparing Elder’s Scroll Online for a 2013 release, I got to thinking about my current feelings towards massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Conventional gameplay in the genre has grown quite stale and I am getting bored. The newer games that I have tried or read about that have come out in the last two years or so have not brought significant or influential improvement to resolve the basic problem that all conventional MMORPGs share. Questing is boring and repetitive.

I have been saying it for a while that I am bored of role-playing a killer for hire no matter whether it be in a fantasy or science-fiction context. In every MMORPG, I create a character who finds only one mean to an end; murder. Primarily, the reason is because conventional RPG characters are programmed for only one game mode, killing. Not only does that limit roleplay, it limits gameplay. I like combat like a I like a hammer, but every damn tool in my toolbox of game activity should not be a hammer. I need screwdrivers to screw. Nevertheless, the new ideas that game developers are coming up with are merely way to make combat more entertaining. I think they are wasting their efforts. Killing can be fun and I really, really love video game violence, but an MMORPG should not soley rely on it and expect to be considered as more than a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, like League of Legends.


One thought on “Thoughts on Current MMORPGs

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