E3 2012: Don’t Forget List

Like a few million other viewers, I’m following G4’s E3 2012 coverage. Of the previews and teasers that I’ve been able to catch, here are few that I’ll need to remember to put aside some cash for. There are a handful that I had no clue were coming. Since I’m not rolling with an Xbox 360 or a PS3 these days, I am completely focused on PC games. E3 isn’t over yet, so I’ll be adding whatever looks good to me.


South Park: The Stick of Truth : I have not bothered with any games using the South Park license in the past, but this one looks like they’re getting it  right. Obviously, having the creators writing, voicing, and providing input should mean that the final product is as good as what they produce with the TV show. One can only hope.

Release Date: 3/5/13


Dishonored : This game does not take place on earth, but it sure does look like some devastated, reconstructed London. The player controls a dude who can stop time, teleport, and possess animals. There are stealth, action, and RPG elements in the game and the player must choose how to achieve the objectives. Kill everybody, kill nobody, or just kill a few people because work has sent you over the edge. The kind of endgame the player seems is determined by the some of those decisions.

Release Date: 10/9/12


Watch Dogs : Open-world, futuristic New York City action game in which you play a character who is tapped into the (absurdly) centralized national infrastructure operating system. The premise for the world is something that’ll probably have to be ignored, but what it enables to the player to do in the world looks really interesting.

Release Date: Unknown


Borderlands 2 : I played through the first game this past winter and learned that a FPS/RPG done well is an awesome experience. The scripting in the original really demonstrated that the game created cared about the players having fun even will doing quests in other game that only exist to help the player level up. The only place the original faltered was in the conclusion of the story, but that aspect did not displace the overwhelming amount of fun throughout the game. Consequently, the sequel should be awesome. They finally put out some gameplay footage at E3 which is all well and good, but it seems to me that they had gameplay quality under control with the original. I would really just be happy with more of the same.

Release Date: 9/18/12


Honorable Mention


ZombiU : I unable to imagine a world where I will purchase a WiiU and this title is a WiiU exclusive. It looks violent and terrific, though.

Release Date: Sometime after the WiiU comes out





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